SoundSpot “Union” Synth VST Now Just $8 (Save 95%)

SoundSpot Union VST Synth Plugin

Our friends from Sound Spot just-released Union, a new software synthesizer that is available at an amazing price of only 7 euros, about $ 8 for a limited period of time. Strictly speaking, Union is not a pure wavetable synthesizer, even though SoundSpot uses the term. The first two of the three oscillators are rather classic – “analog-style” the sound beign processed with their own ADSR, MOD ADSR, and LFO envelopes. There is also a separate filter for each oscillator. Only the third oscillator works with wavetables, which can typically be traversed. Refined is the approach to feed the wavetable oscillator with the output of the first two oscillators.

In addition, there is a master FX chain, which is equipped with four LFOs. The LFOs also work in a trigger mode, which turns them into more complex envelopes. Nine effects are waiting in the internal FX rack. Compressor, 4-band EQ, Distortion, Delay, Phaser, Chorus, Filter, Flanger, and reverb based on analog hardware are included. 300 factory presets are also available.

SoundSpot Union VST Synthesizer Plugin

The GUI is very well designed with a modern aspect including all the controls you need to sculpt your sounds. The Union synthesizer plugin combines the best of analog modeling and digital precision capable to provide you a vast range of inspiring pads, plucks, leads, percussion elements and transitions straight out-of-the-box, as well as in-depth control over every aspect of your sound.

Union runs on macOS (10.7 and higher) and Windows 7, 8 and 10 in both 32-bit and 64-bit. The plug-in is available as AAX, VST, VST3, and AU. Until 2 January 2020, SoundSpot offers Union synth for an introductory offer of just under 7 euros, otherwise, the plug-in costs 134 euros. That’s a bargain, don’t miss it!

Link: SoundSpot Union (at PluginBoutique)

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