TEXTURE Multi-Effect Plugin Released by Devious Machines

Texture VST Multi Effect Plugin

Devious Machines Texture, “an effect with synth heart” that gives texture to your sounds!

At present, there are so many effects available in so many development companies, that innovating with the processes and possibilities is a growing challenge. That’s why it is remarkable when a plugin house dares to something different, like the case of Devious Machines, a new company that debuts with Texture, an effects plugin that, as its developers present “has a synth heart”, in both combine a bit of both processes.

Texture integrates a library of more than 340 samples, granular or generative sounds, called “textures”, which are added to the sounds processed by the effect, similar to plugins that add vinyl noise, tape distortion or a certain “color” to sounds, except in this case with an extensive library that includes both synthetic sounds and other field recording fruits (sounds of water, wood, metal, etc).

The concept is undoubtedly original and can have interesting applications for both music production and sound design and the creation of sound effects. His philosophy is basically that, when processing the signal, other layers are added to enrich or transform it, ranging from subtle tweaks to extreme variations, having at all times a control over the mixture of the original sources with the textures of the plugin.

This is reinforced if we take into account that Texture offers several dedicated control sections: for dynamics, for modulation options by LFO and envelope, and also a pair of tabs with dedicated equalizer for the original signal and the added texture, where it has several filters to manipulate the frequency content of the layers.

It also includes other control parameters, commonly found in a granular synthesizer, such as density control, octave, color, pitch, among others. It also offers sidechain with filter and an output limiter in the master control section.

Texture plugin is available immediately at an introductory price of £ 59.99 (regular will be £ 79.99). It works on both Windows and Mac in VST, AU and AAX formats.


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