Harmonics Saturation VST Plugin Released by Softube

Softube Harmonics Analog Saturation Plugin

Softube launches Harmonics, a new plugin with 5 different distortion options that analyzes the audio to respect the transients and focus its action on the harmonic part.

The distortions, a terrain in which the most common is to recommend the passage to analog systems to avoid incurring the annoying aliasing, are gaining weight in their software versions thanks to careful implementations, often with strong internal oversampling. But in addition, the ease of the digital to implement complex functions makes it possible to reach where the pure analog have it difficult.

Harmonics aims for that ‘plus’ that digital can contribute, also in the field of distortion in which Softube has a broad trajectory as its brand.

Softube Harmonics Analog Saturation Processor Plugin

The basic idea with Harmonics, apart from that of detailed analog modeling, is that the entire signal is not treated equally. Through what they call Dynamic Transient Control, the incoming audio is analyzed, its dynamics and its detail, and is reconstructed in the result of the distortion. As they say, it avoids that the sensation of dynamics is lost or embroiled as it happens with so many other distortion systems.

In the words of Softube, you can reach a higher degree of distortion to impart character without suffering the classic problems of destruction of dynamics and disappearance of transients, which are often confused in one with tails making the listening much less clear and blurred

The flexibility of different types of audio material starting with different objectives in the results is provided by five different distortion algorithms (Solid, Transf, Master, Tube, Modern), in addition to controls such as ‘character’ (which is a filter prior to distortion that allows the signal to be balanced towards low frequencies or high), high pass and low pass filters more forceful (configurable pre or post and with 1, 2 or 3 poles), or a mix control to combine original and distorted signal.


  • Five genuinely different component-modelled distortion sounds
  • Revolutionary ‘Dynamic Transient Control’ technology
  • ‘Amount’ knob to control the amount of saturation
  • ‘Character’ knob controls the tone or color of the distortion
  • High and low cut filters can be placed before or after distortion
  • Wet/dry blend knob for parallel processing
  • THD meter allows fine control of subtle saturation
  • All of the grunt, none of the drawbacks
  • Includes presets by Joe Chiccarelli and Howard Willing
  • VST, VST3, AU, or AAX plugin formats available

The plug-in, which can be used as a VST, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in (32-bit / 64-bit) and is now available for a discounted $ 99 ($149 regular).

More Details / Buy Link: Harmonics

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