SCHNALZ – Free Live Cloud Mastering Online Serice

SCHNALZ - Free Live Cloud Mastering Online Serice

SCHNALZ may be the end of mastering engineers and all the professional sound people. It’s a free live cloud mastering service offering instant free mastering results for anyone’s songs.

Schnalz takes care of the most important task for the final completion of a song: mastering and all this online, at no cost! Schnalz offers on its own website various selectable sound variations (similar to Landr), which should fit any music genre. Using an A / B comparison, you can compare to the original in real time to see how much snapping is interfering with your audio.

SCHNALZ - Free Online Audio Mastering

I tested the application and I can say that I was amazed, it does a great job. Now I’m really thinking about the sound engineers career. Is that the future? Such applications and artificial intelligence will gradually replace us all?

Whether the quality is sufficient in the end, maybe even excellent, you can test it yourself. Because the offer is free for everyone! You will get infinitely WAV master, infinite Remaster, infinite Schnalz Live and the ability to save your finished songs in the cloud.

Schnalz iOS app, unfortunately, is not yet available on Apple iTunes at this time but will be we’ll hope in the near future. So you will master your tracks any where you want.

Link: Schnalz

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