Rekordbox 6.0.1 Adds Vocal Detection Feature


Pioneer DJ has announced a substantial update to their DJ software, including a new vocal detection feature and integration with Beatport LINK. 

The latest version of Pioneer’s DJ software rekordbox features a new music analysis algorithm which can detect exactly where vocals are in a track, and display this information on screen.

Pioneer DJ announced the new feature as part of a series of improvements to their flagship DJ software in a press release yesterday. “We’ve been working with users to deliver the next level of functionality they need, and this update delivers. Most significantly, with rekordbox and our Creative subscription plan, artists can see when vocals will drop in a track by simply glancing at the waveform — this is a powerful new feature allowing DJs to never clash a vocal again!”

Vocal ‘clashes’- when DJ mix two songs together that are in different keys or when the vocal parts of two songs overlay each other in the mix – can sound musically very unpleasant and are almost always avoided by DJs where possible.

Rekordbox 6.0.1 also now includes support for the Beatsource LINK streaming service. This will allow users to “pick from millions of tracks and hundreds of expertly-curated playlists when browsing the Beatsource LINK catalogue in rekordbox.” Users will require a Beatsource LINK PRO or Beatsource LINK PRO+ subscription to be able to use Beatsource tracks in rekordbox Performance mode.

Beatsource LINK integration will come as part of rekordbox’s free subscription plan. The vocal location algorithm is only available to Creative Plan subscribers which is currently available for £9.99 a month. The fee will revert to £14.99 a month at the end of July 2020. Streaming integration in Pioneer’s DJ software is continuing the industry-wide trend towards a subscription-based model in DJ music consumption.

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