Ibiza To Re-Open To Tourists In July

Ibiza - Steve Black/Rex/Shutterstock

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez made the announcement over the weekend. 

The Guardian newspaper has reported that Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced the recommencement of tourism in the country will start at the beginning of July. In his weekly national address, Sanchez said that the reproduction rate for the coronavirus in Spain was now at 0.2%.

“From July, Spain will reopen for foreign tourism in conditions of safety. Foreign tourists can also start planning their holidays in our country. Spain needs tourism, and tourism needs safety in both origin and destination. We will guarantee that tourists will not run any risks, nor will they bring any risk to our country.” 

The Spanish government has been planning a return to tourism for weeks. Spain has been under a state of emergency since March 14th, with over 28,000 coronavirus deaths. 

The impact this announcement will have on the Ibiza summer season remains to be seen. Although some businesses have been reopening in the worst-hit Spanish cities of Milan and Barcelona, coronavirus measures are still in place, with venues operating at 30% in order to maintain social distancing. Nightclubs may well have to limit capacity in the same way that theatres, concerts and bars currently are. Nightclubs and festivals worldwide have previously cancelled all events in May and June due to the pandemic and the Ibiza summer clubbing season was looking doubtful. 

The Guardian noted that the Spanish Prime Minister’s announcement comes in the context of anti-government protests in cities across Spain organised by the far-right Vox party. The protesters are accusing the Sanchez government of mishandling the pandemic, resulting in unemployment and increased poverty. Sanchez however, also confirmed that the Spanish government has not ruled out reinstating emergency measures if needed. 

Main image: Steve Black/Rex/Shutterstock

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