News Round-Up: 24/8/18

Chuckle Brothers

Good news.  London nightclub, The Nest, is set to reopen under new ownership and be renamed UNDR. The developments include a 4am music license and a Martin Audio sound system. Read more here.

Really Useful Plugins For Free. Fancy giving your Ableton project a complete makeover? If so then the free Really Useful Bundle is for you with a touching tribute to the Chuckle Brothers. Intrigued?

Goodbye Sperstunnde. A previous policy in Leipzig, known as the ‘Sperstunnde policy’ which meant clubs had to close between 5 and 6 am, has been abolished. A vigil was held to welcome and celebrate the decision whilst partying to Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time’. Watch the clip here.

‘Appy Days. Discogs has updated its iOS app to allow users to be able to buy records while using the app on their phone. Additional updates allow users to find records shop in their vicinity. More here.

We are Robots returns. London music tech conference has announced it’s programme for this years event. Attendees can experience Moog, Arturia and Teenage Engineering first hand whilst also enjoying a significant amount of panels and seminars. For more information visit their website.

Stranger Things. For fans of the TV show, Plankton Electronics have released this fun cover of the main theme using the Ants! their semi modular analog synth. Watch the clip below.

Carnival. What makes the Notting Hill Carnival so special? With contributions from key figures in its history, the Guardian explores the sounds that have helped define Europe’s largest street party. Read more here.


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