Mixes Of The Week: 1/5/17

This week’s top mixes include Beatrice Dillon’s artful electronics, Anastasia Kristensen’s high-octane techno and Justin Robertson’s After Dark selections.

Beatrice Dillon’s Artful Electronics. Respected London producer, musician and DJ Beatrice Dillon follows up her Can I Change My Mind? EP, released recently via Boomkat Editions, with a mix for the ongoing Études series, selecting the most artful in experimental electronics and rhythms. Stream above.

Anastasia Kristensen’s High-Octane Techno. As part of Mixmag‘s Impact series, which is dedicated to profiling raw and upcoming talent, Russian-born, Copenhagen-based DJ Anastasia Kristensen contributes a riot of high-octane, dark and abstract techno from the likes of Juniper, Mika Vainio and CTRLS. Stream above, track listing and an interview with the artist here.

Justin Robertson’s After Dark Selections. Legendary English electronic musician, DJ and producer Justin Robertson makes an hour of acid house selections for The British Council’s Selector After Dark radio show, which showcases the best in new music from the UK. Robertson selects tracks from TenGrams, Phil Kieran, Matthew Herbert and more. Stream above.

Mumdance on Dekmantel Podcast. “Brain frying frequencies and skeletal grooves from somewhere on the hardcore continuum” curated by forward-thinking UK producer and DJ Mumdance, who is best known for his live collaborations with Novelist and his various releases on top labels like Tectonic, Keysound Recordings and XL Recordings. Stream and download above.

PBR Streetgang’s Gripping Hour. In conjunction with Love International festival, Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe of PBR Streetgang upload a gripping hour of expertly mixed disco and house. Stream above.

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