Mixes Of The Week: 11/9/17

Deena Abdelwahed

This week’s top mixes include Violet’s Gems and Jungle Flavours, Helena Hauff at Dekmantel Festival and Avalon Emerson at Brilliant Corners.

Violet’s Gems and Jungle Flavours. Portuguese artist and co-founder of Rádio Quântica, Violet delivers the next LT Podcast for Lobster Theremin. It shows off the kind of upbeat techno meditations that can be found on her debut release Togetherness, as well as “jungle flavours and gems”. Stream and download above.

Helena Hauff at Dekmantel Festival. “Quite possibly the most exciting DJ in the world right now,” an hour-long recording of Helena Hauff, who’s also known for her acid-inspired and stripped back techno and electro tracks on Werkdiscs, Ninja Tune and L.I.E.S., rocking the crowd at Dekmantel Festival. Stream above, track listing here.

DISCWOMAN Deena Abdelwahed. Tunisian club experimentalist Deena Abdelwahed contributes to DISCWOMAN. “There is something called a ‘descente’ in french, it causes you sad humour after you had fun and after being extremely happy. So I tried to translate how I feel in this mix,” she explains. Stream above, an interview with the artist here.

Avalon Emerson at Brilliant Corners. The latest RA Live features a recording of Berlin-based DJ and producer Avalon Emerson, whose original productions have been released on labels like Shtum, Spring Theory and Icee Hot, playing some of her favourite non-dance music records at Brilliant Corners. Her selections draw from jazz, indie-pop, synthwave and industrial. Stream above.

Tell’s Beach and Ocean Hour. With music out via House Running, Beat X Changers and Quartet Series, and having just released his self-titled release for London’s Coastal Haze, Paris house producer Tell creates an hour-long mix for Dispatch, which “flies freely across the beach and out into the deep blue ocean”. Stream and download above.

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