Mixcloud Announce New Live Streaming Platform


Streaming service Mixcloud has released its new platform early due to the Corona pandemic. 

Mixcloud have announced a new service, Mixcloud Live which will allow Pro accountholders to broadcast audio and video live. The new platform has been rushed out due to increased demands for DJ streaming during the global pandemic lockdown.  

A statement on the company website said: 

“Over the past month we’ve received an unprecedented level of demand from the Mixcloud community to build live streaming functionality. It’s a massive task that we’ve been working on day and night to get into your hands as fast as possible and we’re delighted to announce the first version is now available.” 

The company added the caveat that the new system has been rushed out earlier than planned, saying: “Consequently there will be technical bugs and user experience flaws”. They are therefore asking for “tolerance on a less than perfect product”. To deal with the expected issues, they have set up a page for users to feedback problems and suggest improvements. 


The hurried release of Mixcloud Live reflects the increase in DJ streaming due to the continued shutdown of nightclubs and festivals. Mixcloud is a licensed platform, which pays licensing fees to royalty collection agencies who then pay rights holders and writers. This means Mixcloud Live users are unlikely to experience the copyright and takedown issues that are common on other platforms. 

Users who wish to live stream via Mixcloud need a Pro subscription, a  computer, internet connection, webcam and streaming software. The company are currently offering a free 90 day trial of Mixcloud Pro, after which the price becomes £9 per month.

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