Synth VR Promises a Virtual Modular World For Free

Synth VR

Patch up synths and sequencers in the virtual world for free with SynthVR a virtual reality modular synth.

If you fear a studio of wires and a wall of noise, a solution might be available in the not so distant future. Developer Daniel Rothmann has announced the prerelease for his virtual modular synth Synth VR.

SynthVR is currently in public beta and can be downloaded and trialled for free. Rothmann has built a stage inspired by the aesthetics of synthwave, along with oscillators, envelopes and sequencers to play with. To make music you have to build the modular instrument yourself, which includes incorporating an audio output module and patching it all together.


In his ‘Development Log’ video, Rothmann emphasises that the pre-release has a very limited module set, in order to ensure that the core systems are in place before expansion. At the end of the video, Rothmann teases his plans for the incoming version, which include being able to load and save progress, control of graphics and more modules to play with. At the moment, the oscillators can only produce sine waves, which he intends to change in the future.

Music production in a virtual world has been growing in popularity and development with applications like Tranzient, TribeXR and SoundStage being released four years ago.

SynthVR is available on Occulus Rift via SideQuest. Find out more at

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