UVI Releases Drum Designer

UVI has released Drum Designer, a modern drum instrument, featuring Kick, Snare, Clap and Cymbal sound design engines, a dedicated 8-part sequencer and more… Read the full story

Claudio Ricci

“The Earth without art is just, ‘Eh’ “. Claudio Ricci takes on our quick fire Q&A. What are you listening to right now? A lot of different music as I simply love all genres of music. The last album I listened to yesterday was from Marvin Gaye while chilling next to the sea. What did…

Beat DRMR Drum Rompler VST/AU Plugin Relased (KVRDC2018)

Beat Magazine has released Beat DRMR, a freeware drum rompler virtual instrument in VST plugin and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstation applications on PC and Mac. Beat DRMR is a drum rompler, meaning that it contains pre-loaded drum sounds which can’t be substituted with external samples. However, the good news it that Beat Magazine…

Review Sonarworks Reference 4

  TLDR Headset version Very usable for people who prefer to mix with their headset to get more reliable results. Read the full story

Artists Can Now Upload Tracks Direct To Spotify – For Free

Spotify today launched a new feature which lets independent artists upload unlimited tracks to the service directly – without having to use third-party paid-for services such as TuneCore and CD Baby. While the feature is currently in invite-only beta mode, Spotify says that, in the future, it will “bring upload to even more artists, labels,…

zplane updates elastiqueAAX/tce to v2.1.2

zplane has updated elastiqueAAX/tce to v2.1.2. This free update is recommended for all elastiqueAAX and elastiqueAAXtce users. The following issue has been fixed in this version:… Read More Read the full story