Korg announces Gadget 2 with Windows support

Korg has announced that Gadget 2, complete with with Windows support, will be released in February 2019. Korg Gadget is music production software that provides you with more… Read More Read the full story

apulSoft updates apQualizr2 to v2.2.2

apulSoft has updated apQualizr2 to v2.2.2. Changes: New filter types: low- and high-pass varislope (freely adjustable slope in dB/oct which can be… Read More Read the full story

Free Music Production Workshop Starts This Week

Ever wanted to make music, but not known where to begin? If so, this is for you! Starting on Wednesday, we’ve got a 100% FREE video training course to help you go from zero to a finished tune – no gear needed, no musical knowledge necessary! Just a laptop and a bit of spare time….

zenAud.io ALK2 comes to Windows February 11th

zenAud.io have announced they will release a Windows version of their flagship looping DAW ALK2 next month. Both the full version and their lite version ALK2 Solo will be available to… Read More Read the full story