Bicep Style Breakbeats

Bicep Breakbeats

After a few years away from the platform, Attack is returning to publishing content on YouTube. To begin with, we’re taking our popular Beat Dissected series and re-working it into video format starting with Bicep Style Breakbeats.

We’re hoping to offer increased more value to you guys, our loyal readers, by producing video content after 6 years away from YouTube! In that time we’ve published three books, with more to follow, and spent a lot of our time growing the online store and focusing on enduring quality on the text content in the magazine.

It’s a great thrill therefore to announce we will be doing two videos a month on YouTube – 1 x Beat Dissected and 1 x Tutorial. To kick things off we have the Bicep Style Breakbeat Beat Dissected.

If you have suggestions or want us to dissect specific styles either leave a comment on the video or use our contact form to get in touch.

Please make sure to like and subscribe to us over on YouTube also. We appreciate the support!



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