SoundSwitch 1.9 Now Works With Denon DJ Prime Gear

Users of Denon DJ’s Prime 4, SC5000 Prime and SC5000M Prime hardware can now add lighting control software SoundSwitch to their DJ performances, thanks to version 1.9 of the app that has just been announced. SoundSwitch allows users to choreograph lighting displays with tracks in their collections, and have the light show automate during a…

NanoHost Is A FREE VST Plugin Host Released By Tone2

Tone2 has introduced NanoHost, a minimalist freeware VST plugin host application and plugin wrapper for Windows and Linux-based computers. NanoHost is a standalone application designed for hosting virtual instruments in VST plugin format. It provides a limited set of features while focusing on fast load times, stability, and ease of use. In addition to hosting…

4 Ways To Make Time For DJing (When You’ve Got A Day Job)

You know what gets in the way of DJing success? Life, that’s what! You love DJing, but you know the truth… which is that your number one enemy is time. Are you making the mistake of not managing this situation, yet somehow expecting your DJing to improve anyway? If so, it doesn’t matter how much…

Zynaptiq UNFILTER Updated to 1.3.0

Zynaptiq has announced version 1.3.0 of UNFILTER, their award-winning adaptive “smart” EQ, . UNFILTER, is designed to, solve even the most tricky corrective EQ tasks automatically (or manually,… Read More Read the full story

MeldaProduction updates all plugins to 13.01

MeldaProduction has updated plugins to 13.01. It is an important update which comes up with several improvements, new features and fixes. It is recommended to install this update. To do… Read More Read the full story