You Can Now Clone Your Voice With ‘Voice Swap’ & Protect Your Vocal Rights

Voice Swap

In an age of unchecked AI growth, Voice Swap, created by Nico Pellerin and DJ Fresh aims to protect vocal AI rights and give musicians a tool to use legally.

Voice-Swap, announced today, is a new platform that meticulously ‘clones’ the unique vocal nuances of an artist. Any artist can join. According to the new firm, they require just 25 minutes of your singing, or alternatively eight acapella tracks. These are then used to create your personal vocal clone.

In a sign of how fast developments with AI are moving, earlier this year in April Drake and The Weekend’s voice was used to generate ‘Heart on My Sleeve’. After generating millions of streams, the now-deleted track raised questions over the legalities of AI-generated voice usage. This has left the industry scrambling to find frameworks to solve the various legal and ethical issues posed.

Recognizing that an artist’s voice is their signature, their unique identity, Voice Swap ensures that this asset is safeguarded. In turn, the aim is to open up new revenue streams for songwriters, producers, and collaborators.

The company has positioned itself firmly on protecting artists’ rights and ensuring fair compensation every time an artist’s voice is employed. With other AI platforms embroiled in copyright infringement controversies, Voice-Swap has built a comprehensive rights and permissions framework to respect artistry.

Voice Swap has a no-tolerance policy towards unauthorized commercial use of an artist’s voice with its technology designed to trace vocal usage back to its source.


The beneficiaries are two-sided. Producers can legally hear their ideas in different voices and release the tracks subject to agreements with the appropriate representatives. And for other musicians, you can now protect your own voice. You can of course even lace a track while not singing at all. Not too bad if you’re having an ‘off day’ in the studio or vaper’s throat..

Voice-Swap operates on a subscription model, providing artists with a pro-rata share of
the revenue generated from their voice model usage. The platform upholds transparency, offering regular accounting and ensuring artists are rightfully rewarded for
their contributions.

Voice Swap is the brainchild of DJ Fresh, Breakbeat Kaos label owner, and Nico Pellerin. Notable artists like Angie Brown, Liam Bailey, Jamie McCool and Little Nikki have already joined and cloned their voices.

They are currently in a patent pending phase.

Find out more: Voice-Swap.

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