Splice Now Allows Users To Download A Certified Licence For All Samples

Splice Certified Licence

Splice has finally unveiled a long-sought-after feature allowing users to auto-generate a document with a certified licence for any Splice sample.

All of the samples on Splice are 100% royalty-free. This means subscribers are able to use any sound they download in perpetuity. However, problems can arise when multiple artists use the same sample in different songs.

This particular issue came to head recently in an animated Reddit discussion. A “musician” called ‘Galaxy 88’ was accused of “making fake “songs” to copyright as many Splice loops as possible”. With today’s announcement, this is one step to helping Splice users beat the issue.

Sites like Youtube employ algorithms to check for copyright infringement to manage the huge amount of uploads they receive. These algorithms analyse the uploaded audio and compare it to vast databases of copyright-registered music.

Overall this system is hugely beneficial for artists. It prevents their work from being misused or even blatantly stolen. However, it does mean that sometimes royalty-free samples can become recognized as copyright protected. These problems are especially prevalent when it comes to samples used in full, particularly vocal samples and long instrumental loops.


Artists caught by this can often wonder how it’s possible they’ve received a copyright claim when only using royalty-free samples. And to make matters worse the process to clear this up involves having to reach out to Splice and have them hand-generate a licence for all the samples. A tedious and annoying process for all involved.

To address this Splice has introduced a feature that allows users to auto-generate and then download a PDF- with a certified licence for all their Splice samples.

How To Get A Certified Licence For Your Splice Samples

To generate a licence for your samples what you’ll want to do is first go to ‘Your Sounds’ on Splice. Then select the sample (or samples) you would like to include in the licence, and click ‘Generate certified licence’ either from the  dropdown or from the sidebar. 

Splice Licence Generator
Generating Your Licence

Generating licences is completely free for all subscribers, and you are able to generate as many as you’d like for any combination of samples. Although it is important to note that in order to generate a licence for a sample, the sample needs to have been downloaded using one of your Splice credits.

To get more information about Splice’s auto-licence generator be sure to check out their blog.

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