Rekordbox 6.0 Includes Cloud Library Management


Pioneer DJ have launched Rekordbox 6.0 which allows users to sync multiple devices and manage their music via the cloud.

Pioneer DJ have announced the latest update to their leading DJ software Rekordbox. Version 6.0 for Mac/Windows (and version 3.0 for iOS) includes several new features including ‘Cloud Library Sync’. This gives the user the ability to sync their music library and its associated metadata on multiple devices via cloud-based application Dropbox.

The company have introduced three new subscription plans, Free, Core and Creative (£9.99 and £14.99 a month respectively, although both are currently available at a discounted price until mid-July). The Core subscription includes DVS control for vinyl-emulation scratching and sampler sequence saving. The Creative subscription additionally includes Pioneer effects and the cloud sync function.


Other updates to the software include support for promo company Inflyte, which allows users to easily access and import any tracks in their Inflyte promo locker whilst in Rekordbox. Song waveforms can now show the volume of each frequency band separately. Pioneer have also added Ableton Link support, an ‘Auto Relocate’ function to find missing or moved songs, and a ‘Light Mode’ option for improved visibility in daylight/outside. 

‘Creative’ subscribers will also be able to mix music from streaming services such as Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+ as well as from their own collections.

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