Pioneer DJ Announce New Four Channel Mixer ‘DJM-A9’

Pioneer DJM-A9

Pioneer DJ’s latest hardware mixer features improved sound quality, a refreshed layout, two headphone outputs, the ability to connect to Pioneer’s new Stagehand app, and much more.

After releasing a cryptic photo teasing a new four-channel mixer last week, Pioneer DJ has officially announced the release of their new DJM-A9 mixer. The four-channel mixer takes what Pioneer DJ has become so well known for and builds upon it, resulting in what might very well be the new industry standard.


What’s New to DJM-A9?


DJM-A9 promises improved sound quality over previous Pioneer DJ mixers thanks to its brand-new 32-bit A/D and D/A convertors. The unit also has a redesigned layout for easier functionality. There’s more space around EQ knobs, plus the channel faders and crossfader are built with better quality materials and have an improved feel.

There is a brand new ‘Center Lock’ for Sound Color FX. The first-of-its-kind feature prevents knobs from moving past the centre when using Sound Color FX. More on FX, the mixer also has an added colour display for Beat FX with 14 FX options available including three new FX: Mobius, Triplet Filter, and Triplet Roll.


The mixer’s two headphone outputs both with mix and level controls make going B-2-B easier than ever as two DJs can now have their own headphone mixes going at the same time. Pioneer DJ hasn’t forgotten about all the MC’s out there either. The unit has an improved microphone input, now with phantom power, allowing for the use of condenser microphones, as well as the addition of three new mic effects: Echo, Pitch, and Megaphone.

DJM-A9 allows you to drop tracks onto the mixer from other devices via Bluetooth and can also have two computers plugged into it at the same time.

Pioneer DJ’s Stagehand App

The release of the DJM-A9 also comes with the release of Pioneer DJ’ss brand-new Stagehand app. The app is designed specifically for front-of-house teams and offers the ability to remotely monitor performance and tweak settings on a DJM-A9 and CDJ-3000 setup.

Not only can you watch the gear’s volume levels and settings, but users can also use BPM, beat grid, and time details to assist with coordinating lighting setups. The app also includes a Live mode for safeguarding, where you can disable many of its features so the user can’t accidentally pause a track while the DJ is playing for example. There is also a handy sound check feature for ease of setup at an event.

The DJM-A9 is expected to be released in early March with an RRP of $2,699 USD/€2,799.

To get the full specs on DJM-A9 visit Pioneer DJ’s website.

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