Pig Room Podcast EP 7 – Rebekah

Rebekah DJ Podcast

Attack Editor, Eric Brünjes, sits with Rebekah for 45 minutes on techno today, her studio processes, and to discuss an upcoming video to support her #ForTheMusic campaign.

It’s been four years since we last interviewed Rebekah. At that point, her career was firmly established, but fast forward to today, she now occupies a position near the very top of the techno titans’ landscape.

But what does it take to stay there? What about the complications of finding time to produce? And what about the strategy?

Rebekah recently published an insightful social post where she discussed how she took a step back to focus on the business of music, social media, not needing a manager and how to triumph on all three without help. It displayed an interesting quality of what it takes to maintain momentum, and the transparency was encouraging.

We caught up with Rebekah, after she returned from her US tour and got into it.

Rebekah DJ Podcast techno

Read our interview from 2019 with Rebekah.

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