The MP3 Is Dead, Say Its Creators: What DJs Need To Know

The death of the MP3 file format was announced last week by none other than its creators. They said that MP3 has been surpassed by better, more efficient formats, such as Apple’s AAC format, which is jockeying to become the de facto format for compressed music files. So what does that mean for DJs? We…

Imaginando updates DRC to v1.1.4

Imaginando has updated DRC to version 1.1.4 on all platforms (1.1.5 on iOS). This new version introduces some important bug fixes in an effort to provide a seamless workflow throughout all platforms. [Read More] Read the full story

Audio Damage updates Eos to v2.0.2 – incl. AAX support

Audio Damage has updated the algorithmic reverb plug-in Eos to v2.0.2 which now includes a 64-bit AAX version for Pro Tools 12. All future AD releases will also include AAX. Changes: Added AAX [Read More] Read the full story