Nine Inch Nails’ Alessandro Cortini Is Selling His Rare Buchla 406 Synth

The Italian synth enthusiast posted a picture of the machine on Facebook, simply stating, “If you know what this is and you’re interested, DM me!”

Nine Inch Nails keyboard player and solo musician Alessandro Cortini is letting his Buchla 406 go. The Buchla 406 is an ultra-rare version of the Buchla 400, which was released in 1982. Although it took inspiration from Don Buchla’s previous ‘West Coast’ modular instruments, it was a more straightforward machine that featured digital oscillators and analogue filters. 

Users could program and sequence the 406 via a computer monitor, as can be seen in Cortini’s picture below. It could be argued that the instrument was ahead of the curve, providing a preview of how electronic music would be made in the future.

Alessandro Cortini Buchla 406

Cortini’s 406 model comes with a standard, piano-style keyboard. This is in contrast to the 400, which shipped with a Buchla-style pressure-sensitive touchplate keyboard. 


The Italian multi-instrumentalist and producer has been regularly selling off his vintage studio equipment since he launched a page on Reverb. It has had a total of 37 listings, including synthesizers like the Sequential Circuits Pro One and the EDP Wasp, hi-fi preamps, analogue effects units and a mint-condition Bob Moog doll.

Speaking about his opposition to hoarding gear, Cortini has said, “Usually, if I buy something and I don’t use it for six months, it goes”.

Cortini is currently in the process of having the synth restored to full functionality, leading us to assume that it will sell for a significant sum. To advertise it, Cortini simply posted a picture of the synth on Facebook with the caption, “If you know what this is and you’re interested, DM me!”

Almost all items he has listed on the Reverb shop have sold, so it would be no surprise if this unique Buchla was picked up soon. 

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