News Round-Up: 6/10/17

New synth modules from Make Noise. The death of the intro. What happens when you listen to the same piece of music for 19 hours straight?

New modular fun. Two new Make Noise modules, Contour and Dynamic, have been introduced, with circuits derived from the 0-Coast synthesiser. Watch a preview video above.

Musical marathon. The New York Times send someone to listen to the same piece of music for 19 hours and write about the hallucinogenic results. Find out what happens here. 

Quick start. We’ve previously heard about the death of the long fade outro, but now the Guardian investigates the disappearance of the intro and blames Spotify. Read it here.

Update. Loopcloud have announced an upgrade to their free sample application which includes new navigation history, the ability to drag and timestretch samples, an expanded and restructured browser and more. Find out more here.

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