News Round-Up: 3/11/17

ableton live 10 update

The joy of cheap records. Chilly Gonzales rants in a hot tub. Ableton Live 10 details revealed.

Able-ten. Ableton Live 10 is here! It boasts lots of small changes that add up to one easier to use and quicker new program. Attack editor Greg Scarth runs down the major new additions here.

Dig deeper. Label boss, DJ and Hardwax employee Finn Johanssen extols the virtues of looking for cheaper records away from the hype. Read more here.

Hear the Difference. Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has launched its own record label, with Saint Etienne’s Bob Stanley acting as consultant. More here.

You what? The French president has issued a public health decree that limits music volumes in clubs of a certain size. A petition has been launched by Laurent Garnier and co in an attempt to block the move. Read here.

Not chill. After calling for people to apply to study with him in Paris, Chilly Gonzales has been less than enamoured by the applications received. Watch his rant above then apply here.

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