News Round-Up: 25/8/17

Glasgow’s Sub Club celebrates 30th birthday. New York set to appoint Nightlife Director. Korg release iMono/Poly synth app.

Full support. Producergirls is a collective of women putting on free workshops to get other women into dance music production. Ikonika, Nightwave, E.M.M.A. and others are involved, and they are after donations to help fund further expansion. Find out more and donate here.

30 not out. Glasgow’s Sub Club is celebrating three decades as one of the foremost clubs in the world. The Guardian speaks to its leading lights about the highs and lows in this piece.

Party progress. New York City Council have voted to create an office of nightlife that will appoint a Nightlife Director similar to London’s Night Czar. The hope is that the new office will assist with outreach and development amongst other things. Read more here.

Reissue. Korg is paying tribute to the classic Mono/Poly analogue synth with a new iOS version that promises a fat sound. The app is available now. Check it out above.

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