News Round-Up: 25/5/18

Why Detroit techno is black music. Tour Moog’s pop-up Grandmother factory. Consent on the dancefloor in the post-#MeToo world.

Update. FL Studio have released a new version that makes big leaps. It’s fully Mac compatible and now supports different time signatures, amongst other features. Find out more here.

History lesson. Detroit’s Metro Times profile the rise of Detroit techno and explain how it is intrinsically linked to black culture. Read it here.

Women first. Fabric are hosting a series of special workshops and networking sessions aimed at women in the industry. Modular synths, NI’s Maschine and XL Recordings will all be in attendance on June 28th. More here.

Grandma’s hands. Moog’s Jim DeBardi introduces a sound test and pop-up factory tour detailing the assembly process that goes into Moog’s new Grandmother keyboards. Watch above.

Overhaul. Elektron have shared an update about the huge overhaul of Overbridge, their system for integrating its hardware with DAWs. A release date is not confirmed but you can read about some of the highlights of what to expect via Synthtopia.

Safe and sound. The Guardian speaks to Tanille Geib about her mission to help party people deal with flirting, dating and hooking up on the dancefloor in this post-#MeToo world. Read it here.

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