News Round-Up: 24/11/17

Weighty moves, cosmic grooves, big news, long snooze, good dudes and free for yours.

COMING SOON: The Axis Vinyl Stabilizer is a high density metal that helps eliminate unwanted vibration which can affect…

Posted by Jeff Mills on Thursday, November 16, 2017

Weighty moves. Jeff Mills has announced he is doing a limited edition run of 100 vinyl stabilisers that help with warped records and needle tracking stability. Check it out above.

Cosmic grooves. Sonar have announced they are beaming music to an exoplanet 12 light years away, but why are we so obsessed with sending sounds into space? The Guardian investigates here.

2788Big news. Collaborative music making platform Soundtrap has been acquired by streaming giant Spotify and together they promise “to continue to revolutionize the music-making process for consumers”. Find out more here.

Long snooze. Software company Cakewalk will no longer develop new products and have reduced overall operations “in order to align with the company’s acquisition strategy”. Cakewalk’s servers will still continue to operate, and you can read more here.

Good dudes? The Met Police have scrapped the controversial Form 696, which unfairly targeted grime events and made it difficult for them to operate. Full statement here.

Free for yous. Novation has announced a free music app focusing on loop-based remixing. It’s called Launchpad Arcade and you can find more here.

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