News Round-Up: 1/6/18

The enduring fashion legacy of Studio 54. The arcane world of algorave. Free instruments from Spitfire Labs.

Disco fashion. The Guardian looks into the fashions of Studio 54 and the enduring impact of famous clientele like Grace Jones and Cher, just as a new documentary about the celebrated 70s club is released. Read about it here.

À la code. CDM check out a livecoding algorave event and ask what it says about music as the practice shifts from niche concern to underground movement. Read here.

The future? VCV Rack have collaborated with Mutable Instruments on a new project that promises to let you preview new hardware synth modules as software. Learn how it works here.

Free! You can now get your hands on a new line of Spitfire virtual instrument plugins, starting with Strings and Soft Piano. There will be new additions to the Labs series each month. You can get the lowdown here.

Old dog new tricks. Huey Morgan goes to New York to explore the legacy of blind and homeless musician Moondog, who went on to influence Philip Glass and make his own instruments. Listen here.

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