Mixes Of The Week: 18/6/18


This week’s top mixes include Peach’s DMX Krew Special, an AG Cook minimix and 25+ Adult House from Helix.

Lone’s Seoul Community Radio Mix. Ahead of his return to South Korea at The Henz Club, this episode of Seoul Community Radio’s live guest mix features British producer Lone, who is known for his unique style of rave-influenced, euphoria-infused dance music, which has found a home on top imprints like R&S, his own Magicwire, and others. Watch above.

Peach’s DMX Krew Special. DJ Peach, of NTS Radio and Intergraded, offers up her first Deep Dive special, featuring expert selections from the music of legendary London-born artist DMX Krew, aka Ed Upton. It’s an hour of highly harmonic and driving utopian rhythms. Stream above.

AG Cook’s 05:00-05:05 Minimix. Via pop star Charli XCX, a five-minute mini-mix from her creative director and a writer/co-producer on her latest record Pop 2, PC Music founder AG Cook, who puts together a futuristic session of dramatic, mutant electronic pop sounds, with Harry Potter samples and noise music. Stream above.

25+ Adult House From Helix. Atlanta-based club producer Helix’s Dazed mix is “45 minutes of summertime ready, 25+ adult house music”. He explains that he “tried to keep the focus on grown and sexy house music, stuff like DVA and Fatima or Lil’ Louis, plus lots of female vocals and underground R&B refixes of artists like Beyoncé or Kelela”. Stream above, track listing here.

Gilles Presents Havana Cultura: ¡Subelo Cuba! Accompanying the release of Havana Cultura: ¡Súbelo Cuba!, a showcase of forward-thinking musicians connecting Afro-Cuban traditions with contemporary movements and driving Cuba’s music forward, on Gliles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings, a 30-minute podcast. Stream above.

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