Minimal Audio Announce Fuse Compressor

Fuse Compressor

Billed as a “Dynamic Sculpting Effect”, Fuse Compressor is the latest device from Minimal Audio.

Minimal Audio made quite an impact with Rift, their bi-polar distortion plugin from 2021. It was an innovative approach to distortion. Some argued that Arturia’s Coldfire was heavily inspired by it with their own bipolar design. True or not, it can’t hurt to be in that conversation…

Next up from Minimal Audio is a new multi-band compressor, the “Fuse Compressor”. It offers up to six bands of dual compression, providing users with various effects, from transparent glue to finely detailed enhancements.

To facilitate workflow efficiency, the compressor incorporates macro control, spectral tilt, and adaptive time features to simplify the multi-band compression process.

Noteworthy precision-focused functionalities include mid-side processing, soft knee, channel linking, and individual band control.

Fuse Compressor

Key Features of the Fuse Compressor:

  1. Multi-band Engine: Apply up to six bands of independent upward and downward compression, giving users significant control over their audio.
  2. Dynamic Spectrum Display: Visualize the compression’s impact across the spectrum through the dynamic response curve, aiding in sound refinement.
  3. Spectral Tilt: Adjust the internal multi-band dynamics to customize compression distribution across low to high frequencies.
  4. Per-band Settings: Enjoy flexibility with the ability to set per-band thresholds, ratios, makeup gain, bypass, and solo individually.
  5. Mid-Side and Stereo Control: Seamlessly combine stereo and mid-side modes, utilizing variable channel linking to manage the stereo image.
  6. Macro Controls: Simplify multi-band compression by simultaneously adjusting all per-band thresholds or ratios.
  7. Inspiring Presets: Access a range of expertly designed presets catering to various use cases, encouraging users to experiment with different sounds.

To see its capabilities in action, watch the Fuse Compressor trailer below:

Fuse Compressor is out now priced $49.

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