Manifest Audio Update MIDI Effects With A new Toolkit & Bundles

Berlin’s Manifest Audio unleash free updates along with Bundles and an all-new Toolkit of racks for Live 11

Manifest Audio has just released a series of v1.5 updates to their full line of generative MIDI effects which are free for all current owners. So what’s new?

Pattern Engine gets per-parameter keys to lock or unlock all steps for that parameter, along with a new random mode, Decide, that allows you to randomize step pitches selecting strictly between two specified values.

Chance Engine gets the same new Decide mode, with the two randomized pitch values remaining relative to the currently played note. Chance Engine also gets a brand-new timing section to randomize swing on a per-note basis, as well as humanization. Subtraction Engine gets a new weighted randomization mode, while Octopulse gets a major overhaul.

The Octopulse update features a new advanced pulse editing mode, so all eight pulses can now have their own independent loop cycle reset and offset delay, allowing for meticulous pattern programming. Each pulse in advance mode also gets a variety of parameter randomization exemption locks.


Utility Boost gets two new members: Mix Scoper and Track Notes.

Octopulse’s multiplier randomization can now also be set to only odd numbers for more syncopated results, only even numbers for more rigid rhytmic output, or the default of all for a blend of both – globally or per-pulse.

Pulse Engine also gets a big update with a new Fill mode, pulse length decay, and positive or negative decay for velocity. The handy optional pulse viewer allows for a visual indication of the generated pulse output against incoming MIDI.


Revamped GUIs for both Pulse Engine, with Viewer enabled, and both modes of Octopulse.

The Octopulse and Pulse Engine interfaces have both been significantly improved for more intuitive usage, while swing timing has been added to all generative devices and improved across the board.

X-Relay gets more flexible offset delay handling, Global Hub now features built-in limiting, and Utility Boost gets two new utility devices: Mix Scoper, to reference your mix against a visual pink noise curve with or without audible noise, and Track Notes to easily add text notes to any track in your set.

All updates are free for current users, while all Max MIDI effects and bundles continue to include Utility Boost.

The new bundled offerings – Ultra Bundle, Max Audio Bundle, and Max MIDI Bundle – help users access the full ecosystem of Manifest Audio devices with a healthy discount.

This all comes with their release of the all-new Live Toolkit 004, which is also included in their updated Toolkit and Ultra bundles.

Featuring over 100 audio and MIDI effect racks made specifically for Live 11, the latest Toolkit includes over 60 audio chord processors, crunchy lo-fi racks, innovative gate split effects, spectral dub delays, classic modulations, creative reverbs, one-knob effects, and plenty of snapshots. 

Designed for the simplicity of Live’s rack macro format, it’s full of easy-to-use starting points that invite you to tweak away.


For more information visit the Manifest Audio website.


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