Lunacy Audio Introduces ‘Dust’: Granular Soundscapes From The Mind Of Venus Theory

DUST Venus Theory Lunacy Audio

Lunacy Audio has released Dust, a new CUBE expansion pack from the mind of renowned sound designer, producer, and content creator Venus Theory. 

Dust offers a deluge of vivid synth textures, shrouded with experimental distortion effects that pile on the grit.

It includes 15 new CUBE sound sources focused on hybrid synths and distorted acoustic textures, plus 50 new CUBE presets spanning grainy drones, crisp one-shots, and complex pulses and sequences powered by CUBE’s trademark orbit feature.  

Through Monday, September 4th, Lunacy is offering Dust at an introductory price of just $19, or 35% off its regular price of $29. New customers also qualify for a special introductory offer: buy Dust, get a free copy of CUBE Mini.  

dust ships with cube mini by lunacy audio for free

Dust is also the first CUBE expansion pack in Lunacy’s new Artist Collection, a new approach to expansions that explores a single artist’s aesthetic within CUBE.

Whereas previous CUBE expansions feature contributions from multiple sound designers and producers, Artist Collection packs represent the convergence of a single collaborator’s artistic sensibilities with Lunacy Audio’s creative vision.

Dust is the first of several Artist Collection packs that Lunacy Audio plans to release over the coming months. 

The introductory offer of $19 for Dust, which includes CUBE Mini for free, ends September 4th.


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