Korg to release a “music production” game for the Nintendo Switch in 2018

Korg Gadget for Nintendo Switch

Electronic instrument pioneers Korg has announced that it will be making a “music production” game for the Nintendo Switch platform for Spring 2018.

The company has only teased a handful of details about the upcoming game, but from the bare-bones microsite they have created, it appears that the “Korg Gadget” will offer some basic music-making tools, including a function that looks a lot like a piano-roll, and according to 4Gamer will offer Jocon motion controls and support up to four players at a time.

The Switch’s built-in social sharing features mean that any music created with the upcoming title should be easily to publish onto social media, and we would expect Korg to tie in a music hosting platform like Soundcloud, where users could upload and stream their finished tracks.

Whilst not an obvious platform for music making, the Switch is already a popular device amongst the younger crowd and if Korg can simplify the process of music production and get people hooked on making music and exploring new creative endeavours then that is only a positive.

Korg has built music apps for Nintendo hardware before, with last decade seeing release of the KORG DS-10 digital synthesizer on the Nintendo DS and Korg DSN-12 on the Nintendo 3DS a few years later. However, the collaborative opportunities provided by the Switch brings something entirely new to the gaming platform.

The news of a music-making games for the Switch comes after major growth in the number of mobile music-making apps designed for iOS and Android over the last few years. Google has made significant progress in reducing the latency within Android OS, but Apple still offers the better music making experience. This is because developers know that all iOS devices will work without latency issues, while far too many Android devices, especially those towards the budget-end of the spectrum, are still plagued by the such problems. The result of this variability is that even for Android devices that achieve a low latency and so would be suited to music recording and production, there is not a large enough ecosystem and not enough high quality music apps.

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