KI/KI August 22 Chart


Top ten for August from KI/KI featuring Narciss & Vixen, Oprofessionell and Alpha Tracks.

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From Amsterdam’s fertile underground to techno temples around the world, KI/KI is at the forefront of a new rave insurrection.

Shaped by the time-tried fundamentals of trance, acid and techno, she subtly constructs her own signature: a sound realm that’s fast but dreamlike, futuristic but nostalgic, severe but – at all times – euphoric.

Starting out as a resident DJ at queer stronghold Spielraum back in 2018, KI/KI has rapidly evolved into a nightlife bastion of her own. In the past years, she’s made a mark with unforgettable all-nighters, curating her own ‘KI/KI invites’ series, upsurging Boiler Room views, and causing dancefloor frenzy from Säule to Bassiani to ∄.

On the verge of releasing her highly anticipated debut tracks, as well as the buried treasures of like-minded producers on her record label ‘slash’, the storm that’s KI/KI is only just picking up.

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