KHORDS Virtual Instrument Released by Loopmasters

KHORDS by Loopmasters (GUI)

Loopmasters has released Khords, a new special virtual instrument plugin for chord sounds. This is their second instrument, after Bass Master, based on samples, but this time focusing on chord sounds.

Similar to Bass Master, Loopmasters Khords works with layered chord samples to create a new great sound. Users choose from a pool of 315 chord and note samples. The right sound character can be enforced via timestretch algorithms and formant shifts. The right mood – ie the tone gender – is defined by major, minor or open switch.

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From then on there are the usual tools known from synthesizers / samplers: multimode filters with 12 types, resonance and pre-drive, as well as ADSR envelopes and LFOs. The effects include six chorus algorithms, three delay types and six room effects – all the cutlery to produce really fat sounds. For the ideal start there are factory 550 presets.

The plug-in Loopmasters Khords is now available for 59 Euro (introductory price) from PluginBoutique and runs as a plug-in (VST, AU) under Windows and Mac.

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