Jamie 3:26 and Danou P August 22 Chart


Top ten for August from Jamie 3:25 and Danou P featuring Dames Brown, Larry Heard & Ron Trent.

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Jamie 3:26 and emerging Dutch artist Danou P welcome the next phase of their heady union with a timeless EP on Dan Shake imprint Shake Records.

“I always create music from a dancefloor perspective, because that’s where I started, on the other side of the booth. I know what’s gonna move me emotionally and physically, and so I’m not gonna make anything that’s not gonna make me shake my ass!” says Jamie.

Danou P says: “Jamie always pushes me to be extra funky, to a level where I didn’t even know I had it
in me. This is exactly what he does when we create together.”

HEAVY FEAT. JAMIE 3:26 FEAT. DANOU P is out now. Check it out on Beatport.

Photo: Kelly Alexandre

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