German Venue Hosts ‘Socially Distanced’ Rave

Gerd Janson Socially Distanced Rave

Gerd Janson DJed to 100 people at a 2000 capacity venue in what’s believed to be Europe’s first legal socially distanced rave.

Germany’s Coconut Beach club has become the first venue in Europe to put on a legal ‘post-pandemic’ club night. Promoters TakaTuka put on the club night featuring vastly reduced attendance, social distancing and COVID-19 safety measures. The party took place at the open-air venue in Munster, Germany on the night of Thursday 21st May. DJs for the night were Gerd Janson (Running Back), Steve Stix, Kai Lorenzen and Thorsten Karger.

Tickets for the event cost €70 which included €21 of food and drink vouchers. Coconut Beach is usually a 2000 capacity venue. In order to maintain social distancing, only 100 tickets were put on sale. On the Resident Advisor listing for the event, the promotors explained the low audience numbers and high ticket cost:

“Despite the accommodating attitude of the artists, we would actually have to charge 20 times the admission price to be able to even begin to realise normal sales.”

Attendees were asked to bring their own facemasks, which were also on sale on site. German news site WDR reported that once inside, dancers were allocated a circle on the dance floor and their own table to ensue social distancing inside the club. The DJs played from behind a perspex screen and the bar staff also worked behind perspex barriers. The venue put social distancing markers around the bar and security were onsite to enforce social distancing and hygiene rules. 

Watch footage from last week’s socially distanced rave.

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