Famous Producers who use FL Studio

If you want to know who are some of the famous music producers that use FL Studio to compose songs for big celebrities and artists, then you’re in the right place.

I will also show you what their biggest hits as musicians have been, how they got their start, and what their careers as popular celebrities have been like all the way to becoming power users of Fruity Loops.

What Famous Music Producers Use FL Studio?

Many of your favorite music producers use Fruity Loops Studio as their music creation software.

So you would be surprised to know the amount of hits that have come out of this DAW since with it you can elaborate practically everything.

Among the music genres that can be created in this DAW are Reggaeton, Rap, Ballads, Romantic, Instrumentals, Trap, Hip hop, Tech house, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Cumbia, Conga, Jazz, Dubstep, Pop, Rock, among others.

Metro Boomin

Leland Tyler Wayne is known in the artistic community as Metro Boomin. He is an American record executive, producer, DJ, and composer. His career began when he recorded with major Atlanta artists, including 21 Savage, Future, Migos, and Gucci Mane.

Metro became successful when he released tracks, such as ILoveMakonnen and singles by Drake and Future. Since then he has accumulated a number of hits in his career that have been created with FL Studio.


Matthey Jeu Samuels, a Canadian by the stage name ‘Boi-1da’, was born in Toronto, Ontario on October 12, 1986. He is a well-known music producer who has excelled in hip-hop where has worked with renowned artists of the genre and created many hits.

Boi-1da has worked for many groups and solo artists including Drake, Jay-Z, K-os, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, The Diplomats, Nicki Minaj, Lecrae, Joe Budden, Das Racist, and many more. He has built a solid career as a music creator and his secret is FL Studio.

Martin Garrix

If you are a true lover of electronic music you have to meet him, this is the DJ and producer number 1 in the world, Martijn Gerard Garritsen or better known as Martin Garrix.

This motivated him to download the FL Studio program with which he started his career and is his main tool to create his compositions. This DJ uses FL Studio in his productions for its speed in making tracks.


The famous music producer Hit-Boy or Chauncey Hollis was born on May 21, 1987, in the city of Fontana, in the state of California. His career has been oriented to the creation of hip hop and R&B hits, he is the founder of Hits Since ’87 and rapper of the GOOD Music Records.

What has brought him to fame is the conception of ‘I Wish You Would’ by DJ Khaled with Kanye West and Rick Ross. Hit-Boy also worked on ‘Drop the World’ by Lil Wayne with Eminem.

The post Famous Producers who use FL Studio first appeared on Producer Sources.

The post Famous Producers who use FL Studio appeared first on Producer Sources.

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