Episode 5: Syreeta

Syreeta Attack Mag Podcast

In Episode 5 of the Attack Pig Room Podcast, we speak to rising star Syreeta.

Syreeta first caught our attention during the pandemic with her live streaming. Given the propensity for live streams during that most bizarre period, it’s a testament to her DJ skill that she garnered such a following. Once the world returned to something resembling normality, Syreeta was in high demand and she’s never looked back.

A question often asked is, ‘How can I make it as a DJ’? It’s a perfectly respectable question. Yet, there is no right or wrong way, and that’s one reason we were so keen to speak with Syreeta, as her career has been far from ordinary.


Before her quick rise through the ranks, Syreeta was a long-distance runner, even representing England. After injuries curtailed her career, she was also a long-distance lorry driver before the music took over. In publishing Attack, and readers correct us if we’re wrong, the only artists we recall having a professional sports career, or nearly (we’re not entirely sure) is Dixon playing for Schalke? But one thing we’re confident of is we’ve not met an artist whose career has blossomed so rapidly and with such an interesting backstory.

Find Syreeta on Instagram.

Syreeta ‘Renni Bes’ EP is out now.

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