D16 Releases Lush 2 A Powerful Update To Their Roland SH-101 Emulation

Lush 2 D16

The Multilayer Polyphonic Synthesizer gets a long-awaited update with Lush 2.

Lush 2 isn’t a straight recreation of the much-loved SH-101. It’s more as it’s a multi-layer polyphonic version.

It’s built from modules based on many modern virtual synths combined into one compact, flexible layout that’s designed for ease of use. The interface has also been designed in a way where analog synth fans will quickly understand the synth’s architecture.

d16 lush 2


Lush 2 is designed for digital accuracy with an analog feel. The clever clogs at D16 have taken great care to ensure that there is no aliasing in the oscillators, even with the most challenging overtones, as well as ensuring that vibrato and pitch bend timbre are authentic and uncompromised. Furthermore, there has been significant attention paid to the filters, offering a constant resonance across the entire frequency.

d16 lush 2


Multilayer architecture allows you to route up to 8 different sounds into one, producing a complex
layered sound from just one instance of a plug-in.

Flexible MIDI routing lets you assign these layers to different keyboard sections, producing sounds that evolve and adapt across different tonal ranges.

You can add two insert effects from a choice of eight for each layer, before applying layer-independent EQ and compression in the mixer and adding send effects. This modular mixing means you can tailor the sound of each layer to complement each other and fit perfectly in the mix.

Lush 2 also comes packed with over a thousand presets.

Lush 2 is out now. Get it on the D16 website.

Lush 2 is priced €169 / $169 / £145 (incl. all taxes – if applicable). It’s currently on sale at 89 Euros.

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