Can music impact your life in a positive way?

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Music is one of those things that many of us enjoy. It can become part of our lives in so many ways. Enjoyment and recreational, hobbies and even work related. There are so many different aspects of it that it can be very difficult to go through your life without music being part of it in some way shape or form. However, does music impact your life in a positive way?

With so many different resources, genres and situations where music is involved, there is no doubt that there are positive benefits to enjoying music and taking in what it can offer. But you may be wondering exactly how music can impact your life in a positive way. Let’s discuss this to help you see the benefits more clearly.

How you feel

There is no denying that music can have a huge impact on how you feel. It can help you to calm down, understand your thoughts and feelings, and also give you that much needed energy boost when you need it the most. Here are some of the positive ways that music can impact how you feel.

Dealing with something difficult

Many people will agree that music can be an important element when it comes to handling a situation, good or bad. So when you have something difficult to deal with, music can play a vital role in understanding your feelings more clearly. A lot of people might say that certain songs remind them of people, situations and time in their lives. This can be even more so during a difficult time, such as a loss of someone you admire or an unfortunate situation to be in. The lyrics, the sounds, the way it makes you feel, music can help you to deal with what you are feeling more clearly and may even help you to feel better.

Giving you an energy boost

There is no denying that switching up the music and having fun with it can be a great way to use music. When you have a task that needs to be done such as housework, you want to work out and take exercise or simply walk your dog, putting your headphones in and blasting your favourite song can give you the boost you need to get things done. Whether it is the upbeat tempo, the catchy chorus, or just the lyrics that give you a boost, it can be just what is needed to help you on the way.

Making time seem to go faster

Another thing that music can do is help to pass the time. This is especially evident if you are on a long car journey. Putting your favourite album on or listening to a specific type of genre of music will definitely help to make the time seem to go faster, and can also be a welcomed distraction.

Helping you to calm down

Music can also be a great way to calm your mind. We can all find ourselves in a situation where we feel anxious, worried and stressed out about something. Whatever that situation is, music can help you to center your emotions and bring you back down to earth. This is why people use music in spas and also when doing things like meditation. The music can add to the element of calm and relaxation and help you to centre your thoughts more clearly.

How you spend your time

Another factor to consider would be how you spend your time. Music can play a vital role in that and there are so many ways that it can have a positive effect on your life. Here are some of the ways that music can be part of your day to day life.

Learning an instrument

Some people never take up the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, but this can be a big mistake. Learning any sort of musical instrument can be such an amazing hobby. It not only teaches you about bringing notes together and learning to play a tune, but reading music can also be an eye opener. Of course, this is when you may need to ensure that you have the best quality glasses to help you see the music sheets. Playing a musical instrument, whatever that may be, can also help you to feel the music and understand the genre that you love a little more. It may help you to diversify between different parts, such as classical music versus pop culture. You can predict the flow and perhaps even enjoy it more knowing what it takes to make that piece of music come to life with the instruments that you have taken an interest in. It is also a great hobby to have and it can certainly be a great way to spend your spare time.

Using music for general tasks

Some people say that music can be a great way to help them with their days to day tasks that they might have to do. This could be exercising, cleaning up, driving or doing your job. This might be the case because with the wide variety of music genres out there, there is always going to be an appropriate music choice for what you want to do. You want a slow and steady classical piece for your work, but something upbeat with a high tempo for your workout. It may be you want something to sing along to when you are doing the household chores, or catching up by singing along as you drive somewhere as you run errands. It can help pass the time and also make any task feel more enjoyable.

It can help you to concentrate

Many of you may agree that music can actually be a great way to help you focus and concentrate. Especially when listening to a specific type of music. It can help you to stay calm and focused, so you can concentrate on the task in hand. Some have said that music is great for things like exam revision, or having to complete difficult tasks with your work.

Types of music for specific parts of your life

Of course, not all music is appropriate for different parts of your day or your life in general. Sometimes it is worth broadening your horizons and listening to new things that have been proven to have a positive effect on that specific task. Here are some suggestions to help you do that.

Classical music

Some have said that classical music can help with concentration when it comes to getting a task done. Something about the tones, tempo and pitch can help you to focus on the job in hand. It might be likely that as there is no lyrics, that you are just focusing on the sound, which can help you to correlate and use the words that you have in front of you to focus on revision, getting work done or completing tasks.

Dance and pop culture

Who doesn’t love something that you can dance around to, and often this can be one of the most popular genres of music. It could be that you love to sing along to your favourite song. Maybe you like the idea of blasting out your favourite tune while sweeping the floor, exercising or just heading out for a walk.

Indie and rock

Another two popular genres you will find is the indie and rock side of music. This can be great if you are into the heaviness that is provided by the guitar elements. Especially if this is a musical instrument that you play.

Let’s hope this has made you see how music can impact your life in a positive way.

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