Baby Audio & Andrew Huang Team Up To Release ‘Transit’

Transit Baby Audio

Baby Audio has teamed up with Andrew Huang to create Transit, an FX plugin to power your transitions.

In what is becoming a recent trend of plugin firms working with YouTubers, Baby Audio has teamed up with Andrew Huang to create Transit.

On the face of it, Transit seems to sit in a similar territory to Endless by Toolroom. It’s a creative transition FX plugin designed for motion effects, build-ups, drops, risers, sweeps – and more.

For dance music producers, transitions can be a time-draining mouse-clicking exercise which Transit is designed to simplify to just one plugin.


It hosts 18 powerful effect modules, freely loadable across seven slots. All effect parameters can be linked to a global Macro Control, which you automate to create complex FX transitions with one knob movement.

Transit Baby Audio

Transit also hosts a “motion sequencer”, allowing users to program and trigger DAW-synced automation
at the click of a button. This is helpful for seamlessly writing automation data into your mix project or even for live use.

It comes with 300+ presets and is compatible with all major DAWS on Mac and PC and fully Mac M1 native.


About Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang is one of the most followed YouTubers, and best-loved music producers, influencers and entertainers. Transit is a collaboration between Baby Audio and Huang over 18 months of development.

Download the free trial.

Baby Audio is running a 40% intro sale bringing the price down from $99 > $59. Buy it on the Baby Audio site.

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