Atlantic City has a new non-casino music venue

Atlantic City is perhaps best known as an alternative sin city to Las Vegas, but with more and more people preferring to do their gaming online, the city has continued its pivot towards becoming a more mainstream entertainment destination. And that road continues today with the launch of a new dedicated music venue called the Anchor Rock Club.

The 21-and-over venue, branding itself simply as “ARC”, is a joint venture from two well-known Philadelphia pub landlords John Longacre and Dennis Hewlett, who have made for themselves in the city running the South Philadelphia Tap Room, American Sardine Bar, P.O.P.E. and the Bardot Cafe. Critical to its future, however, is its location – a short distance from the city’s boardwalk and next door to the popular Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, so they should have no trouble attracting drop-in foot traffic especially with the current $5 tickets.

The main room has a capacity of 650 including a U-shaped balcony above to give fans not looking to join the mosh-pit at the front a good view of the artists and bands that promoters are bringing to the venue in the coming months.

The venue’s launch is part of a reinvention project for the city known as the “Orange Loop“, taking its name from the avenues on the local Monopoly board (New York and Tennessee), with the local authorities hoping to attract a different kind of visitor to the place named in Bruce Springsteen’s famous song.

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Atlantic City has long struggled with its reputation as a second class Las Vegas, but the latest effort to rebrand the city will hopefully give it a reputation all of its own and away from the shadow of its long-time competitors.

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