Anaglyph – Free VST Plugin for 3D Audio Effects

Anaglyph 3D VST Effect Plugin

Anaglyph is a high-definition binaural spatialization engine developed after a decade of spatial hearing research effort into the perceptual and technical capabilities of binaural rendering. Now the Anaglyph free VST plugin make accessible the fruits of this research to audio engineers who want to generate 3D sensations in their tracks.

Anaglyph combines the application of ITD (interaural time difference), ILD (interaural level difference), HRTF models (head related transfer function), and other techniques, therefore, for many years in this field. When these techniques are combined in an easy-to-understand interface, with direct controls that affect elevation, azimuth, and distance, as well as many other parameters to improve, personalize and adapt the results, you can locate the different sources / tracks in a 3D acoustic space.

Being as it is a free VST plugin, it is an interesting option to start in the 3D world. The fact of being a side result of a research project and not something thought of as origin for its commercialization, makes it have some characteristics in its current version that could be improved in the future.

Download this free Windows and MAC plugin on the official website. Anaglyph 3D Plugin

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