Rast Sound releases World Vocals Bundle V2 for Kontakt

Rast Sound has announced the release of version 2.0 of World Vocals Bundle, which contains the Mideast Vocals, Balkan Vocals and Ceremonial Vocals libraries and includes songs (long walks), [Read More] Read the full story

ZenSound releases “Dreamwaves” for Diva

ZenSound has announced the release of Dreamwaves, a new soundset for u-he Diva. The idea of Dreamwaves is to bring you an inspiring toolbox of emotive, hearth touching and pleasant filmscore [Read More] Read the full story

Royale Audio Releases Free Royale Filter AU Plugin

via Bedroom Producers Blog: Royale Audio has introduced Royale Filter, a freeware modulated filter effect in AU plugin format for Mac-based digital audio workstations. Royale Filter is yet another addition to a series of effects with customizable modulation curves that we’ve seen recently. Just like the excellent SimpleSide by Armando Montanez and SideChainer by RDGAudio, it…

Best Software Synthesizers Released in 2017 – Part 1

The sound of 2017 is here! Half of this year (2017) almost has passed. Like every year, many companies have delighted us with surprising releases of software synthesizers. Here are some titles that have appeared this year, chronologically arranged, so do not consider this list a top. Each synthesizer is different and each can be…