WT800 Bass Amp Effect Plugin Announced by Softube

Softube Eden WT-800 Bass Amp VST Plugin

Softube has released the Eden WT-800 Bass Amp plug-in exclusively for the UAD platform, but now anyone interested can download this virtual bass amp as a native plug-in to any DAW.

The eponymous Original is considered an industry standard and was licensed by Eden Amplification. The plug-in features bi-amping, compression, 5-band EQ and the magic enhance knob.

This amplifier works with two Cabinets and DI channels, four separate microphones are available per cabinet (D112, RE20, U47 Tube, 121 for the Eden 4 x 10 “, D112, RE20, Melodium Type R, U47 Tube for the Eden 1 x 15 “).


  • Fully-featured bass amp simulation to cover every need, vintage and modern
  • Faithful modelling of class-leading, top-quality equipment
  • Five-band EQ
  • Make-sound-better ‘enhance’ knob
  • In-built compressor
  • Not one but two cabinet models
  • Easy bi-amping; select your cutoff frequency and send your low and high frequencies to different cabinets
  • Choice of four classic microphones per cabinet, expertly selected and placed
  • Great for rough stuff, but amazing for hyper-rich hi-fi modern tones

Softube Eden WT-800 Bass Amp plugin is available at PluginBoutique website for €89. It comes as a VST, VST3, AU, or AAX (Pro Tools 10.3.7, 11.0.2 or higher) plugin. Check the link below for more information.

Buy Link: Softube Eden WT-800

Softube Eden WT-800 Bass Amp

Softube Eden WT-800 Review


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