What is the best background music for online activities?

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m doing something on my computer, I need to have at least some sort of background music playing. But depending on what you are doing exactly, the music usually needs to be different depending on what you do. I’m not saying that there should be totally different music for all different activities, but based on experience, the music does need to be different for different KIND of activities. And by different kind of activities I mean the simple things – are you just surfing around or are you spending time looking for Bitstarz Bonus Code 2019, the next good series worth watching or anything else for the matter? Or maybe you’re just chatting with your friends, looking for stuff to buy on Amazon or searching for your next new car. If you’re doing any of those things, it really doesn’t matter what you’re listening to as it’s all good – you don’t need to concentrate too much, so the music can be pretty much whatever you like.

But if you’re doing something more useful, things like writing or working, the choice of background music usually needs to be different – it shouldn’t distracting in any way as that would defeat the purpose. So anything too good that you might like a lot might be a bad choice here. For doing anything sort of useful you need to have kind of repetitive music, or something sort of soft.

The exact type of music is really up to you, but it needs to be soothing, relaxing. It definitely can’t be something with good lyrics – this usually ends up with you singing along to the songs and this would actually have the opposite effect. While it might make you happier, your productivity goes down. The music also can’t be too loud or agitating as this could make you moody and end up making it more difficult to focus.

The exact type of background music you choose depends a lot on your taste. Some people like classical music while others find it simply annoying. Then again, there are those who find nature sounds really relaxing. Instrumental songs, considering they don’t contain any words that you could sing along to, are also often a good choice. Of course, that assumes that your choice is not Philip Glass’ 1000 Airplanes.

Another, sort of unexpected type of potentially good background music can be found on video game soundtracks. The thing is that playing video games requires focus, and as such, their music selection is often very strategic.

There have been studies that actually show that listening to music while working or studying might not only improve your concentration but it can also decrease your stress level at the same time.

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