Unnayanaa Feb 22 Chart

Top ten for February from producer & DJ Unnayanaa featuring Impérieux, Sebjak, Frankey & Sandrino, Jimi Jules and more.

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Unnayanaa is the production moniker of Indian artist, Prashanth Pallemoni. Fuelled by a love for afrobeats, house, jazz, and Brazilian rhythms, his unique fusion of global grooves and production has seen him emerge as a standard-bearer for Afro-influenced electronic music on the Subcontinent.

He runs a monthly radio show, ‘Syncopate’ on boxout.fm. He has also released music on international labels including Borders of Light, Still Music, Papa Records, Rainy City Music, and Atypical Dopeness.

His alluring sounds have captured the attention of some of the underground’s most celebrated protagonists. While his music has been remixed by the likes of Osunlade, Toto Chiavetta, and Ivory.

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