The World’s First House Music Inspired Gourmet Burger Restaurant Has Opened

The world’s first house music inspired gourmet burger restaurant, iBeefaBurger, has opened in Ibiza.

Despite various Covid setbacks, iBeefaBurger has now opened. The close-knit global house music community has backed iBeefaburger, with leading artists such as Skream and Eats Everything voicing their support.

Diners can enjoy vegetarian choices as Avocado Villalobos, and meat options such as ‘Martinez Burgers’ and ‘Paris Stilton’. The menu also includes the Nacheo Plex nachos inspired by Cuban-American DJ Maceo Plex. The kitchen is all freshly prepared, locally sourced food including meat-free, vegan and vegetarian dishes named after their favourite music artists.

The restaurant is also filled with murals of the world’s best DJ’s painted by artist Harry Luda. The vision of two experienced club promoters, iBeefaBurger seeks to combine the best of the premium burger experience with a taste of the atmosphere of the island’s clubs, with live DJs providing the soundtrack.

iBeefaBurger is the creation of two British ex-pat entrepreneurs Ashley Ienco and Kai Cant. The Ibiza promoters and boat company owners were forced to diversify their business plans when the pandemic hit causing club closures and live events to be cancelled. The pair decided to combine their two passions of good music and good food into one brand – iBeefaBurger, Ibiza’s first gourmet burger restaurant. 

The brand is also gifting iBeefaBurger ‘Black Cards’ to selected VIP’s allowing them to eat for free for life.

Find out more on the iBeefaBurger website.

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