Squid release new track “Match Bet”

London-by-way-of-Brighton band Squid have been making waves for the last three years as part of a new scene of punky, indie bands that has been bubbling up in the UK of late.

They have recently signed to Dan Carey’s buzzy singles label Speedy Wunderground, and have been solidifying their place as one of the UK’s most fun and lively live acts – work that is culminating in the release of a new EP this autumn called Town Centre. We’ve already heard one track from the EP, a seven-minute journey of musical obscurities called “The Cleaner”. And now the band have followed up with “Match Bet”, which starts as a calmer and more accessible track out of the two, before breaking down into a cacophony of drums, guitars, and horns. Few would think of adding a cornet arrangement to an indie punk track, and that is exactly why everyone should be listening to Squid.

Lead vocalist and drummer, Ollie Judge, added about the track: “‘Match Bet’ revolves around a character that lives within the same universe as “The Cleaner.” The song is told from the perspective of a Sonic Youth super fan living with mental illness, who was a regular at a shop I used to work in. His harmless demeanour and manic, long conversations about gambling, his relationship with Her Majesty The Queen, and love for Sonic Youth were extremely helpful for me in that period of my life. I found it interesting how his manic-ness opened me up a bit in a time where I could have quite easily just blended into the paintwork and kept quiet.”

The track takes its name from an increasingly popular form of gambling, where punters use the sign up incentives available at online sports betting sites to wager on both outcomes of a sporting event, so that they can always come out on top. If done properly, matched betting is considered a safe bet and can be done without risk, but any minor miscalculation and as with any bet the house will end up winning.

The large incentives offered by some bookies dwarf those offered in the online casinos New Zealand, Australia, and other locations offer and so have become a popular way for some young people to earn some money on the side, essentially playing gaming companies off against each other. A number of websites have even sprung up in recent years to help people make the most form their matched bets, but this song might just be the first time a band has written a song about the process.

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