SP2016 Reverb VST Plugin Released by Eventide

Eventide SP2016 VST Reverb Plugin

Another classic from the 80s returns, Eventide revives its “Signal Processor Model SP 2016” and bring it back to your DAW in 2018. In 1982 Eventide released the model SP2016 with a promising concept. The device was able to record hardware chips to expand the tonal possibilities of the SP2016. A clever combination of plugin concept with hardware.

Of course, the new version is completely software-based and delivers a total of six reverb algorithms. The Presets Room, Stereo Room and Plate are each available in the two variants Vintage and Modern. While Vintage emulates the original sound of the hardware, the modern version sounds much brighter. The Room Preset is a mono effect, especially the extremely long pre-delay times are remarkable. Long echoes or doubling should be possible hereby. Stereo Room emulates a large concert hall with a clear and natural reverb.

The Plate variant is an algorithm with dense, fat sound, which should be interesting especially for vocals, guitars and percussive instruments.

Eventide SP2016 Reverb VST Plugin

Eventide SP2016 runs as VST2, AU and AAX plugin and is compatible with all common DAWs under Windows and OSX. The copy protection is an iLok. Eventide SP2016 is now available. The introductory price is 79, – US dollars, later the plugin costs 249, – US dollars.

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